screenshot Wp Theme m4ss 1.5

Version: 1.6
Author: Davide Gullo (aka Jazzo)


You need these plug-ins (installed and configured) to keep the layout as you see it on this site:

Ads Box configurable

  • ads-pinguino.php (on the left, below the penguin)
  • ads-sidebar.php (on the right, in the sidebar below the Tags)
  • ads-single.php (in the single post page, after the content)
  • ads-page.php (in the page, after the content)
  • ads-top.php (at the top of the home page)



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  • Ver. 1.607/08/2009
    • Add Widget, one in Sidebar right and another one in the left column (below Penguin) of the single post page (single.php)
    • Add Gravatar in comments and improve CSS
    • Add another Ads box in the page (page.php)
  • Ver. 1.506/08/2009